Westcom Group provides ongoing support and expertise around rigging and external infrastructure.

Our Key Areas of Expertise Include:DSCN1001 Airport South SSMC

Site surveys

  • Line of site microwave surveys.
  • Ground and structure measurements.
  • Site surveys for repeater locations, including GPS and distance measuring equipment.
  • Use of state of the art test equipment.

Infrastructure installation

  • Roof-tops.
  • Self-supporting towers.
  • Mono pole, towers and guyed masts rigging construction.
  • Equipment shelter, cable tray and antenna mounts installation.
  • Roof-tops and hard to access areas including sides of buildings (twin rope access).
  • Walkways, handrails, ladder access and fencing installation.
  • Steelwork installation.

Antenna installationRig 2

  • Dipole, GPS, Omni, Panel, Wimax and Yagi antenna.
  • Microwave dishes and parabolic antenna.
  • Panel arrays.
  • Design and fabrication of antenna mounts.
  • Licensed broadband microwave installations.
  • Installation and testing.

Cables and connectors installation and fault fining

  • Wave guide.
  • Coaxial cables including leaky feeder.
  • Rigid/hard line systems.
  • Cable earthing and lightning surge arrestors.
  • Ethernet Cat5e.
  • Installation and testing.

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