Perth Southern Suburbs Rail Project

What did this project involve?

  • Utilising Nokia MUX equipment and fibre optic transmission systems to link all new stations with the PTA offices in East Perth.
  • Linking Siemens microwave radio from the PTA offices in East Perth to the PTA repeater at Martin-in-the-Hills and on to Mandurah Station.
  • Installing and testing of mobile radio base stations at all stations.
  • Installing, testing and setup of SINAD voting equipment at PTA East Perth.
  • Installation of RF Feeder and antenna at PT Perth.


What unique challenges did we face?

  • The drawings, drawn up with reference to existing MUX equipment, were not in line with the MUX model being installed. Westcom Group discovered the errors, corrected them and updated the drawings bringing them in line and fully up to date.
  • The alarm system (SCADA) inputs from the radios and transmission equipment were not compatible and connecting the alarms to the SCADA had the potential to damage the transmission and radio equipment. The system also required reconfiguration to enable it to work successfully.
  • Westcom Group Personnel discovered connectors that were incompatible for the cables being used which would cause reliability issues. A solution was researched and the Project Manager advised on the solution. If this problem had not been discovered, the repercussions would have been enormous.

Why were we the best choice?

We were able to provide a specialist team to not only manage the work, but to also do the work.
For this job we were able to identify problems, resolve them and put them right.

Without our expertise this project would have needed major reworking before it would satisfy PTA inspection requirements.

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