Karara Rail Spur Communications Network

What did this project involve?

  • Installation of VMR Base Stations at proposed new Greenfield sites at Tilley East and Farmhouse 5300 Communications Sites including Mast, Tower and solar panel installation.
  • Installation of equipment at existing Karara Mine Communications Sites located at Lochada Camp and Karara Village.
  • Integrate the Karara Spur VMR System via a Telstra circuit to the system at Midland forming part of the train radio system.
  • Incorporate a backup path utilising third carrier circuit at Karara Village connecting to Midland Train Control Centre.


What unique challenges did we face?

  • Satisfied all Karara Mine entry requirements for all personnel & equipment.
  • Delivered regular weekly Safety Presentations to Karara management.
  • Completed Works in an isolated locality, Safely, On Time and On Budget.
  • Organising the logistics for delivery and transport of personnel, materials and equipment to site as per the Build Schedule.

Why were we the best choice?

Because we not only manage the work, but we also do the work.

Westcom Group provided Civil Construction Capability through to Technical Communications Riggers and Technicians.

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